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  • Free DIY Project Planning Template

    Free DIY Project Planning Template

    Hi, all! I’m back to planning another project. It seems like I always have something on the back burner and I am just waiting for the time, money, inspiration or availability to get started. So, I do a lot of planning. I am a list maker at heart. Lists and plans help me get and stay organized. I find that it saves me time and money too. So, I thought I would share my free DIY project planning template with you.  It has stopped me so many times from running to the nearest home improvement store in the middle of a project! 

  • 2021 Goals. The DIY Wife

    2021 Projects

    What better way to start a new year than to make a list of goals, or in my case…projects?  I’m not saying I’m going to get to all of these projects, but hey, a girl can dream.