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  • How to Reupholster Bar Chairs- The DIY Wife

    How to Reupholster Bar Chairs

    Hi, all! I’m back again with a project that came about suddenly this week. My sweet baby is turning into a toddler. When he learned how to toddle, he could suddenly reach more, touch more and ultimately chew on more stuff. I keep a really close eye on him, so it’s not that big of a deal. Then, I noticed that he got ahold of our bar chairs. The bottom part of each cushion was starting to come off from him chewing on it. I wasn’t that upset about the bar chairs being chewed up, more worried about him ingesting the vinyl material from the seat. I needed to make an impromptu trip to get some new upholstery fabric, and reupholster my bar chairs as soon as possible. That should solve the problem!

  • DIY Tile Backsplash. The DIY Wife

    DIY Tile Kitchen Backsplash

    Hi, all! I’m back again with a relatively cheap kitchen update that makes a big impact… a DIY tiled backsplash! A nice tile backsplash can quickly make your kitchen look more updated and can be done in a weekend. When I installed the backsplash, I knew that I eventually wanted to change the color scheme in the whole kitchen, so I thought why not start now. I went with a backsplash that was more my style, even though I knew I would have to live with a mismatched kitchen for a few years. The countertops were updated later, in this post

  • DIY Laminate Flooring. The DIY Wife

    DIY Laminate Flooring

    Hi, all! I’m back again to talk about a huge project that me and the Mr. tackled a few spring breaks ago… Pergo laminate flooring. As you might already know, everything in our house was either missing (foreclosure) or contractor’s grade, when we bought it. Over the years, we keep updating small areas, on a budget. This particular spring break, we decided it was time to get rid of the ugly beige carpet in the living and dining room. First, carpet in a dining room is just wrong. Who wants that? Not me. Plus, with two dogs, the carpet was definitely worse for wear. Check out how we went about replacing it. 

  • Easy DIY Name Sign. The DIY Wife

    DIY Easy Name Sign

    Hi all! I was so excited to be due with my first baby in October 2020. A few years ago, I started a forest mural in the nursery. When I found out my baby was going to be a boy, I was very excited. The forest theme in the nursery would be PERFECT! I love the look of a wooden name sign for a nursery. Have you ever priced them out? They are outrageously expensive! I already had most of the tools and materials on hand so, I thought why not just DIY!

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    DIY Painted Mural Artwork

    Hi, all! I’m back with a DIY painted mural that I decided to do in my living room a few years ago. I have always loved the beachy feel of directional signs, and wanted one. I have a 2-foot-wide wall in my living room that was begging for a piece of art that was tall and skinny, enter directional sign. I thought about making a sign with wood, but wasn’t sure how to make it fit, then I thought about painting a mural. Why not paint a DIY directional sign mural?

  • DIY Utility Sink with Scrap Wood- The DIY Wife

    DIY Utility Sink Cabinet with Scrap Wood

    Hi, all! I wanted to share with you a project I did a few summers ago, on a whim. This particular summer, I was in the mood to do some home improvements, but we were strapped for cash. I decided that I would redecorate my laundry room with things that I already had on hand. Well, when we first moved in, the house had been foreclosed on, so we had to shell out a lot of dough for common things like blinds, a doorbell, shower curtain rods and shelves for every closet. We didn’t have a utility sink in our laundry room, but had an empty space for it with hookups. My father-in-law had one that he didn’t need anymore, so he gave it to us. It was old and needed refinished and didn’t come with a cabinet. After spending so much money on blinds and shelves when we moved in, we decided to make a cheap frame for the utility sink out of 2 x 4’s instead of buying a costly cabinet. And, there it sat, just like that for a few years. That is until I decided to put some makeup on that pig. 

  • Picture of Finished Picture Frame Molding titled DIY Picture Frame Molding- The DIY Wife

    DIY Picture Frame Molding

    Hi, all! I’m back with a combined project that made a world of difference in my entryway. We are talking about adding DIY wainscoting and trimming my ledge in pine. The amount of joy this project brings me daily is insurmountable. It brightened up the space, and elevated the look of my entryway and dining room. Sure, it’s a pain in the neck to keep clean with two dogs and a baby, but it looks so darn good. It’s seriously hard for me to NOT do it to my entire house! Check it out.

  • DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall. The DIY Wife

    DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall

    Hi all! I’m back again with one of my favorite projects to date. When we first moved in to our house, it had great bones, but was super bland. It had all of these beautiful ledges just begging for decorations, but in my opinion, it needed a little more texture and personality. I have always loved the look of a wood accent wall and after researching it, thought it was doable. This house was a clean slate for me and this was my first project after moving in- yes, I painted after this. So, I was really excited and set the tone with a beachy vibe. 

  • DIY Paint & Epoxy Countertops

    DIY Paint and Epoxy Countertops

    Hi all! I’m back again to share the details of my DIY paint and epoxy resin countertops with you! Since moving into this house 8 years ago, I have hated the look of my kitchen. It has always had the brown faux granite look. I always knew that I wanted a different color but after pricing quartz countertops at $6500 for my small kitchen, decided against replacing it. I was at a party at my friend’s house last summer and noticed that their countertops were painted. After talking to them about it, the only real problem that they had was the sealer. The previous owners that painted it didn’t remove the sink during prep. The sealer around the sink didn’t last and started chipping away. I loved the look of the countertops, and the price of painting kits, but didn’t want to use the sealer that comes with it. After some research, I found Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Resin. It is a bit more pricey than other epoxy resins, but looked like it was worth it. And so, the plan was formed. After accidentally leaving a permanent stain on my counters from sanitization solution, I decided there was no time like the present. 

  • DIY Gel Staining Kitchen Cabinets. The DIY Wife

    DIY Gel Staining Kitchen Cabinets

    Hi again… I wanted to add some details from my most recent mini kitchen remodel for you guys. For years, I have been hating the ugly cabinets all over my house. When I first moved in, I stripped and stained the cabinets in the spare bathroom. They turned out great, but it was a ton of work. Way too much work for the whole kitchen. Last summer, I came across some gel stain that I used in my master bathroom. I loved this process,  it was much easier and turned out great. The problem with doing it in the kitchen was that I didn’t want to do it the same way as my bathroom. I ended up putting it on really thick in there and it looked more like paint than stain. As I soon found out, it is really hard to apply gel stain and make it look like real stain. My living and kitchen décor is rustic beachy, so I wanted to match that style and got as close as I could.