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  • DIY Glass Etching. The DIY Wife

    DIY Glass Etching

    Hi, all! I’m back again with one of the most versatile crafts in my DIY arsenal. I love to customize glass pieces for a quick gift. Some of my previously customized projects include wine glasses, beer mugs, glass casserole dishes, glass vases, and glass candy dishes. I am currently etching a monogram in a glass canister. See how easily it can be done!

  • DIY Personalized Marble Cheese Plate. The DIY Wife

    DIY Personalized Marble Cheese Plate

    Hi, all! I’m back with another super easy but labor-intensive craft. This project looks impressive! I came up with this idea first as a housewarming gift. I also ended up gifting this marble cheese plate to one of my favorite couples for their wedding. Seriously y’all, I want one of these for myself. Check it out!

  • DIY Personalized Cutting Board. The DIY Wife

    DIY Personalized Cutting Board

    Hi, all! I’m back this time with one of my favorite crafts. I got a wild hair a few years ago to use a wood burner and DIY some personalized wooden cutting boards for my family. It took some trial and error, and I had to play around with the techniques I used and wood burner heads. Ultimately, they turned out great. This project takes a lot more time than some of the others, but is extremely gratifying and makes an adorable gift! Check it out!

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    Monogramed Flour Sack Towels

    Hi all! Ever need a quick gift for friends or family? I love DIY-ing gifts at the drop of a hat. I have a trip coming up and made a DIY monogramed flour sack towel for my hostess because who doesn’t love a monogramed gift? These towels are a cinch to make and look great when completed!  Let’s get started.