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DIY Painted Mural Artwork


Hi, all! I’m back with a DIY painted mural that I decided to do in my living room a few years ago. I have always loved the beachy feel of directional signs, and wanted one. I have a 2-foot-wide wall in my living room that was begging for a piece of art that was tall and skinny, enter directional sign. I thought about making a sign with wood, but wasn’t sure how to make it fit, then I thought about painting a mural. Why not paint a DIY directional sign mural?



Before beginning any project, I love to plan. Since I already knew I wanted to paint a directional sign, I had to decide where I wanted it to point. I started by thinking of a list of places I would like to travel to, but haven’t yet. I estimated that I would be able to fit about 5 signs on the wall. It turned out later that I could actually fit six, so I had to go back to the drawing board for the last one. 

After I had a list, I researched the distance from my house. I used Google to find the distance. I just searched for “distance to _______.” Google will automatically show the distance from your location, if you have the location tag on.


Next,  I drew out what I wanted the directional sign to look like on a piece of paper. To get some inspiration, I did a quick image search. I wanted my individual signs to all look unique. I chose a different shape for each sign. I also tried to choose a font and color scheme that matched each destination. I wanted each sign to look like it was meant to be in that destination.

Gather Supplies

Then, I inventoried my supplies. As a former teacher, I have a huge selection of craft and painting supplies that I have purchased over the years. So, I didn’t need to buy anything for this project. I always like to check and make sure, before I start. It would stink to try to mix a color only to find I have to stop and run to the store for more paint. 

Start Painting

After I knew what I wanted everything to look like, it was time to start painting my DIY mural. I started by drawing the post and sketching out the arrow directions. I tried to make sure that the directions were pointing to the general direction the destination was from my location. This was in my opinion, one of the most difficult things to accomplish. 

After sketching out where everything was going to go, I set to work on painting the post. I painted the wood from the top to the bottom. Next, I went back and added the wood details and shading under the signs. The last thing I painted was the rope at the top. Once the post was finished, it was time to start painting the individual signs. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I painted the background for each sign first, then went back and added the details. I painted the sea turtle and flower last. 

DIY Painted Mural. The DIY Wife


Vinyl Destinations

Then after the paint dried, I added the vinyl destinations and distances that I made with a CriCut. Remember earlier how I said that I picked out different fonts? I was able to get as creative as I wanted. I layered colors and experiments with outline fonts. The vinyl is easy to transfer using transfer paper. Make sure that your paint is really dry, or you could accidentally peel it up.

Adding a Top Coat to the Mural

After it looked the way I wanted it too, I gave it a once over with Minwax Polycrylic. I love Polycrylic because it is super easy to use. You just paint it on. Be careful of drips, though. It looks milky when you paint it on, but don’t worry it dries clear. Also don’t forget to follow the directions on the can and use PPE. Polycrylic is a water based formula, so it is easy to clean up. Plus it is non-yellowing, so   it will protect your piece without discoloring it. I have used it on many projects, including my DIY rustic wood accent wall. Well, what do you think of my finished DIY painted mural?


DIY Painted Mural. The DIY Wife


-Happy DIY-ing!

signing off- Kimberly

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